In the following, you may find some software packages I wrote or contributed to.


Nibbly2025 (v1.0.0)

game screenshot #1
game screenshot #2
game intro
game screenshot #3
settings screen

Nibbly2025 is a remake of old 8bit/16bit games named Nibbly or Super Nibbly.

You are Nibbly, a cute snake that has to collect (eat) all the gems within a level, without biting yourself.

Play and solve 100 Nibbly levels, most of which you have not seen before. Revive your Nibbly passion!

PaletteWB (v2.0.0)

export dialog
palette browser
pattern-based extrapolation

PaletteWB is a Windows application for generating, manipulating, and conversion of colour palettes.

It supports saving palettes as images and generating animated colourcycling gifs.

ALSOG (v1.0.0)

a tree
a 3D Sierpinksi triangle
filled Sierpinksi triangle

ALSOG (external web site) parses, interprets, and renders Lindenmayer Systems.

It supports context sensitive as well as stochastic and parameterized L-Systems.

The results are visualized in 3D using openGL and may be saved as pictures or as 3D-objects.

BrainBreak (v1.1.0)

game screenshot #1
intro screenshot #1
intro screenshot #2
high scores

BrainBreak is a tile/puzzle game for the c64 with several surprising features.

It uses hires multicolour graphics and comes with 100 exciting, brain-breaking levels that can be extended by using the included editor.

BrainBreak can be played on the original machine as well as using emulators.

BibPres (v1.1.0)

rendering example #1
rendering example #2
rendering example #3
rendering example #4

BibPres is a JavaScript module (“widget”) for an interactive rendering of a BibTeX publications list at HTML web pages.

It uses a JSON-representation of the BibTeX list, a converter is enclosed. It works with most modern browsers.

BibPres is currently being replaced by bib2x (see below).

“Mandalas” (v1.0.0)

example #1
example #2
example #3
example #4

“Mandalas” is an interactive tool for generating what nowadays is called “Mandalas”.

Master of Tiles (v1.0.0)

game screenshot #1
game screenshot #2
game intro
high scores

Master of Tiles is a simple puzzle board game for for the Commodore c64 and 1 player. The game was written by the Benjamin (Pumpkin) Bommer, back in the early 1990s, but never actually got released until now.

Tempo120 (v0.6.0)

game intro
high scores
game screenshot #1
game screenshot #2

Tempo120 is a racing game written using Python/pygame during the bpb (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung) game jam 2023. The game jam's topic was mobility.

You may find the game on github.

ShaderWB (v0.2.0)

example #1
example #2

ShaderWB is a tool for a fast shader development. Something where you can just type your shader code and get immediate feedback.

Currently, ShaderWB is in a pre-alpha state. It works, you can hack shaders. You can save and load them but the functionality is still quite limited.


degrotesque (v3.0.0)

degrotesque is a “web type setter” written in Python. It replaces plain ASCII-representation of some symbols by a proper, nicer representation.

c64tools (v0.16.0)

c64tools come with tools for char packing, charset extraction and memory visualisation for Commodore c64 application development.

optionslib_java (v1.2.0)

optionslib_java (github project page) helps in processing command line options including type checking and configurations — Java-version.

optionslib_cpp (v1.2.0)

optionslib_cpp (github project page) helps in processing command line options including type checking and configurations — cpp-version.

db2qthelp (v0.2.0)

db2qthelp converts DocBook books to QtHelp projects.

db2qthelp is currently under development.

bib2x (v0.4.0)

bib2x is a tool for parsing and processing BibTeX files.

bib2x is currently under development.

DLR Projects

UrMoAC is a tool for computing accessibility measures.
TAPAS is an agent-based demand modelling application.
SUMO is a microscopic open source road traffic simulation package to which I contributed to between 2001 and 2015. You may as well find some articles about SUMO in the blog.


Some applications I developed are outdated as better solutions for the respective problem exist or because of legal issues. Please find them below, for your interest.

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