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Professional Work

My name is Daniel Krajzewicz, I am a scientific coworker at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

As such, I've

If you are interested in SUMO, an open source traffic flow simulation package I contributed to, please visit the SUMO pages, because I am not longer involved in the development of this software. You may nonetheless find some information about my research topics.

These pages

alsog #1 c64 #1 logos #1 alsog #2 anop #2 bibpres #1 c64 #2 alsog #3 logos #3 anop #1 bibpres #2 c64 #3 logos #2

At these pages, you will find software packages, I wrote in my private time. They include:

There are also some new things under development:

  • a tool for converting DocBook books to QtHelp named db2qthelp (github project pages);
  • a GLSL shader editor named ShaderWB.

Above all, you'll find some blog articles about topics, such as:


Many thanks to Nora and Ola for their help in designing these pages.

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