You may find some software packages I wrote in the following.

Commercial Applications

  • ALSOG (external web site) parses, interprets, and renders Lindenmayer Systems. It supports context sensitive as well as stochastic and parameterized L-Systems. The results are visualized in 3D using openGL and may be saved as pictures or as 3D-objects.
  • BibPres renders a given JSON-representation of a BibTeX-file. It allows to filter and sort entries on start-up or dynamically by the web site visitor. The appearance of the list is highly configurable. A tool for converting BibTeX-lists into BibPres-lists is supported.
  • PaletteConverter is a command-line converter between palette formats. Currently, .gpl (GIMP palette), .aco (Adobe Photoshop palette), .map (Fractint palette), and .pal (Microsoft palette) palettes can be read and written. Additionally, .gif images can be generated.

Open Source

  • SUMO (external web site) is a microscopic open source road traffic simulation package to which I contributed to between 2001 and 2015. You may as well find some articles about SUMO in the blog.
  • AnoPlib is a small library for things I call "animlets", small animations.
  • st2gif is a command line tool for converting Atari ST images (.neo, .pi1, .pi2, .pi3) to .gif.
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