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BibPres is a JavaScript module (“widget”) for an interactive rendering of a BibTeX publications list at HTML web pages. It uses a JSON-representation of the BibTeX list, a converter is enclosed. It works with most modern browsers. JavaScript must be enabled.

BibPres allows you to present a list of publications and/or citations set up using BibTeX. BibTeX itself is a standard format for citations. Using BibPres you need only one intermediate step to show Your list on the web.

Why? Because I do not want to format my publication lists manually, and You maybe also not.


BibPres uses BibTeX publications lists converted into JSON using a supplied tool. The publications list is rendered dynamically in HTML, entries are rendered as close to their LaTeX-representation as possible.

BibPres allows to modify the HTML appearance of the rendered list, including different ways to show abstract sections, keyword sections, and/or download sections. BibPres allows to filter and/or sort the shown list. The appearance can also be controlled by using plain CSS.

If wished, BibPres allows the web visitor to control the shown contents, including filtering and sorting.

Filtering options: Year, Author, Keywords, Title, Type (BibTeX-type).

Sorting options: Year, Title, Author's last initial, Author's last name, BibTeX-Type, BibTeX-Key.

Sorting features: optional hierarchical sub-grouping (header generation), optional reverse order.


BibPres' abilities are demonstrated on the styling pages. Here, you'll find examples for adapting the appearance of the rendered list using both, CSS and the APIs BibPres offers.

There are also two large-scale (megalomaniac) examples: a) The list of Gutenberg project books mainly demonstrating the sorting and filtering capabilities of BibPres as well as skinning and b) A BibTeX file of philosophy papers compiled by Mark Eli Kalderon; the example demonstrates keywords and abstracts.


BibPres is a commercial product. The licence fees are:

usage price
personal usage €10 (approx. 15US$)
small institution (-100 persons) €50 (approx. 75US$)
large institution (>100 persons) €100 (approx. 150US$)

The complete licence describes what is allowed, what not. In brief, the licence allows you to deploy it on your personal/your company's web site. You may use it on several pages of the site, but only if they have the same host name/IP address. Additionally, the entries list to display or evaluate must not be changed on-line. Reverse engineering, reselling the software and several other nasty things are not allowed. The software worked once for us, we can not guarantee or promise that it does the same on your machine.

Please contact us if you need additional features, special extensions, or help nonetheless. We are also interested in finding a reseller or someone who takes over the software.

What will you get?

The current release contains:

After purchasing BibPres you will obtain the link to the licenced version. Please note that no boxed version exist by now.


You can obtain a licenced copy of BibPres via PayPal. A window will open within which you can process your payment and download a licenced version afterwards. Please choose the licence you want to obtain.

Es erfolgt kein Ausweis der Umsatzsteuer aufgrund der Anwendung der Kleinunternehmerregelung gem. § 19 UStG.

Further Documentation

Further documentation is included in the licenced version.

Used Material

BibPres uses some scripts and other resources. They are included and do not need to be downloaded. We want to list them for showing our regards to the people who built them.

Plans for Future

The following things are assumed to be addressed in the following versions:

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