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Nibbly2025 game screenshot #2
PaletteWB export dialog
A tree in ALSOG
Nibbly2025 settings
BrainBreak game screenshot #1
“Mandalas” example #1
PaletteWB palette browser
3D Sierpinksi triangle in ALSOG
BrainBreak intro #1
c64 #1
c64 demo #1
“Mandalas” example #2
Nibbly2025 game screenshot #3
BrainBreak high scores
c64 #2
c64 demo #2
PaletteWB interpolation dialog
“Mandalas” example #3
anop #1
AnoP animation #1
“Mandalas” example #4
Nibbly2025 game screenshot #1
A filled Sierpinksi triangle in ALSOG
anop #1
AnoP animation #2
PaletteWB pattern-based extrapolation
BrainBreak intro #2

Professional Work

My name is Daniel Krajzewicz, I am a scientific coworker at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

As such, I've

  • contributed to the development of the open source traffic flow simulation SUMO;
  • contributed to the development of the open source agent-based demand model TAPAS;
  • developed the open source accessibility computation tool UrMoAC what is quite a great tool as well;
  • wrote quite some publications about different sub-topics of mobility and traffic.

These pages

At these pages, you will find:


Many thanks to Nora and Ola for their help in designing these pages.

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