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c16 Releases

Abstract: Some c16 thingies I wrote.

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The story: my father bought a Commodore +4 one day and together with André (“mat”), a friend of mine, I started to hack games. While trying to get more lives, we increasingly got familiar with the 6502-assembler and were finally able to make programs by ourselves. Both of us moved to the c64 (releases page) (or check other c64 posts) a short time later, but the +4 stayed our first programming platform. Below, you may find the only left +4 release I owe, but we've produced a demo as well, which I cannot find any more. Too bad…


ATA, c16 (11.02.92)

I wrote a version of my Tetris clone for the C16/+4; the only version I found on the internet was obviously cracked and beside this, it seems to have a bug. Here's the original note from the guys who host it on their page (c16.de): “Ganz gute Tetris-Variante. Allerdings hat man manchmal ‘unsichtbare’ Barrieren.” — meaning “a nice Tetris-variant, but you have some ‘hidden’ obstacles sometimes”… I tried it out recently, and yes, it is buggy. Too bad I do not have the sources any more. Sorry. Nonetheless, you may be interested.

Download “ATA (c16)”

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