dkrajzew's Dilettante Habits Some dilettant approaches to topics of my interest Tue, 18 Jun 24 22:12:03 +0000 Daniel Krajzewicz AnoPlib 28.03.2017 22:00 Some helper methods for dealing with small animations (c++). Logos 28.03.2017 22:00 Some logos and signets I designed. Web Sites 28.03.2017 22:00 Some web sites I designed. c16 Releases 28.03.2017 22:00 Some c16 thingies I wrote. st2gif 28.03.2017 22:00 A tool that converts Atari ST graphics to gifs. ShaderWB - a shader workbench 27.08.2022 20:00 A tool for fast shader hacking. Moiré Test#1 (Back-/Foreground Images) 25.11.2017 00:30 Making a moiré effect using HTML foreground/background images. Persian Rasters 25.11.2017 00:30 Description and examples for so-called “persian raster” effect. How to design a new language that can be spoken, written, and read. 24.04.2020 21:11 Some others did it — they designed a completely new language. I did as well. Here's how. Generating scalable maps with OSM and SUMO 23.02.2019 21:00 A short demonstration of generating scalable maps using OpenStreetMap data and SUMO for visualisation. Dead Software: BluBot 22.06.2018 23:15 Presents an abandoned meta search engine with natural language processing and visualisation I contributed to. c64 Font Sizes 19.04.2020 02:50 Common font sizes on the c64 with some examples. degrotesque — A tiny web type setter 16.07.2022 13:40 A small script to improve the appearance of HTML text. c64 Python helper 16.05.2020 18:56 An open source Python library for dealing with c64 graphics. Stretching the c64 Palette 14.08.2017 22:15 Presents some methods to stretch the limited c64 palette for obtaining large colour gradients. Free Color Palettes 13.11.2016 00:08 In ancient times, people shared content. This article holds an ever-growing list of free (like beer) color palettes. Including downloads, uh? Workflow for documenting open source software 13.11.2016 00:08 A method to offer both, a valid documentation for the last release as well as one for the current trunk version. c64 Releases 12.06.2022 18:20 c64 demos, tools, and games I wrote or contributed to. Size-Minimal Fonts 11.04.2017 12:11 Notes on and thoughts about size-minimal fonts or character sets. A library for parsing command line options 07.08.2021 19:50 A small library for parsing command line options. To OSG or not to OSG? 06.03.2019 21:58 Discusses the usage of a scene graph library, namely OpenSceneGraph. Announcing BrainBreak 04.07.2020 12:46 A classic tile game for the c64 with hires multicolour graphics. The file structure of a software project 02.04.2020 23:50 You know, software engineering is a discipline. Here's what I know about structuring a software project.