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Abstract: Some logos and signets I designed.

Topics: typography

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I think one of my main motivations for doing computer stuff was the possibility to use it for generating graphics. When looking back at the late 80ies to 90ies, the time I worked on computer demos (see c64), I'd say that the importance of having a nice signet or logo increased during this period. Following this stream, I've created plenty different logos and some still graphics for our group, named “Lower Level”. Later on, I tried to re-use my skills for designing several logos for other products.


Recently, we've lead the “COLOMBO” project that dealt with traffic management solutions, mainly traffic lights controlling, based on vehicular communications. The project logo I designed includes items addressed by the project; the “o”s are replaced by traffic lights and the last, green one is surrounded by electromagnetic waves resembling wireless vehicular communication. Of course, only the green one, because our solutions make the lights turn green.


After building the graphical user interface for SUMO, we needed an icon for the task bar. I used the arrows displayed on the ends of lanes, which indicate possible following directions, to create a signet.

It looks a bit too much like a tribal sign. I think the group that continues the work on SUMO wants to replace it in the future.


I put quite a lot of work into designing the logo for my game “ATA2”, which predecessor can be found at the c64 releases page.

It was made using Photoshop.

Lower Level

Probably the best thing I've designed so far is the signet for our c64 group “Lower Level”, which consists of two stylised, mirrored ‘L’s, the abbreviation of the group's name “Lower Level”.

These images were raytraced using Real3D and then post-processed using Photoshop…

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