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PaletteTool GUI

PaletteTool allows the conversion of color palettes between different formats. Currently, the following formats can be read and written:

In addition, the following formats can be read by PaletteTool, but not written:

All the formats can be processed in batch — You may either define single files or folders including color palettes for converting them using a single action.

Besides, PaletteTool can generate palettes using the following methods:

PaletteTool can as well generate .gif-files with colorcycling animations. External images can be read for this purpose, yet PaletteTool as well includes the following methods for image generation:


Please see PaletteTool User Documentation for further information.


PaletteTool is a commercial product. The licence fee is €25 (approx. 29US$). The licence allows installing the application on any number of computers, provided only one person can use it. Installing PaletteTool as a web service is not allowed.

Download Shareware Version

The trial version (v1.0.0) for Windows may be used for evaluation only and is limited — well, let's say crippled — as following:

Download PaletteTool Shareware Version (version 1.0.0, zipped archive)

Download PaletteTool Shareware Version (version 1.0.0, Microsoft installer)

Purchase Full Version

You can obtain a licenced copy of PaletteTool via PayPal. A window will open within which you can process your payment and download a licenced version afterwards. The current release (1.0.0) contains the uncrippled executable. We give a strong advice to save the file to a known folder.

Es erfolgt kein Ausweis der Umsatzsteuer aufgrund der Anwendung der Kleinunternehmerregelung gem. § 19 UStG.

What will You get?

PaletteTool distribution includes the tool itself, as well as:



The software is provided “AS IS”. It did not hurt us, yet, and even worked as expected and there are even tests which prove it. Though we cannot guarantee it will work as you expect.

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